All our treatments are designed with the highest of standards in products, a results driven approach and a client focused priority. Our skincare Philosophy is simple, skincare is a necessity in life, not a luxury reserved for only special occasions. We believe quality luxury skincare should be affordable and a part of everyone's regular skincare routine. Our lash services are preformed with the client's health and safety as a top priority. We would never recommend or preform any service that jeopardizes or compromises our clients lash health or over all well being. We are committed to providing each and every one of our clients with a professional comprehensive experience, top of the line products and unmatched quality results. Each member of our team is thoroughly trained and certified licensed professionals with combined decades of experience. As Beaming White Representatives our team is well trained and certified to provide instant lasting results with one of the top industry leaders in Teeth Whitening. Our belief in continued education allows us to stay up to date with all the new products and treatments available.We are both licensed with the Board of Cosmetology and fully insured. Make sure who you go to can guarantee you the same! Don't trust your health and beauty to just anyone!