Beaming White Cosmetic Teeth Whitening​

Duration: Each Session is 20mins

Beaming White is an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of teeth whitening products. Both registered with the FDA and accredited with the BBB. Many foods and drinks you consume throughout the day stain your beautiful teeth. Fight back and reclaim your confident, sparkling-white smile with a safe professional teeth whitening treatment. Relax in one of our beautifully designed rooms, catch up on your favorite shows or access our complimentary Wi-Fi to work or surf the internet, all while gently and effectively whitening your teeth in just one visit!

 Dual (2) Session Visit $159

 Triple (3) Session Visit $179

 Optimum (4) Session Visit $199

The difference between our teeth whitening packages reflect the number of sessions you complete during the same appointment. The major determining factor to how many sessions you will need is genetics. If your teeth are naturally very porous your teeth will whiten faster than those with dense teeth enamel. Another factor is how stained your teeth are to begin with. After each session you will have your teeth shade/color checked and you will see the instant results for your whitening process. After each session you can decide if you want to proceed with more sessions. The number of shades your teeth will whiten will increase with the number of sessions you complete. The unique method used to whiten your teeth results in a very low risk for teeth or gum sensitivity. We recommend booking for 4 sessions to allow the time set aside in case you opt to do all 4 sessions, however you will only be charged for the number of sessions you complete. This way you can book for 4 sessions, complete only 3 and pay for only 3 sessions.